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Motorcycle Insurance for Nairobi riders

Motorcycle Insurance for Nairobi riders

Dear Everyone,

Insurance is the crucial part of Kenyan rider’s life.
It compensate you for the damage on the valuable motorbikes of you or others you had by the accident.
We do offer insurance when you buy our motorcycle, if you don’t have one on your own.

Types of insurance

・Third Party
Third Party type of insurance covers the damage or loss of the motorbikes of others, caused by accident of your fault.

Comprehensive type cover both the damage of the others and yours, caused by accident of your fault.
You will not have risk of expending money to repair your own motorcycles as well.

We have contract with The Monarch Insurance Co. Ltd, offering two types(PSV and Private) with duration of 1 year and 6 months.

You can kindly check the price below.

motorcycle insurance for Nairobi riders

Have a safe ride on HONDA motorcycle with insurance!




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