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Carrier Boxes in Nairobi Shop

Carrier Boxes in Nairobi Shop

Dear everyone,

Nowadays demand for transportation, courier and cargo is increasing, because of the increase in the number of companies and people in Nairobi. Also, rising of E-commerce such as Jumia or Kilimall, has also been making surge in demand of Kenyan people to deliver goods from logistics center of EC platform to their places. There is the chance of business now.

We have a partnership with carriage box company, kindly offering boxes in our shop now. We do support you to start up new courier business, or to grow up existing business.

You can fix them along with HONDA new motorbikes or existing your own motorbikes, with labor price of 5,200 Ksh.

Please check below for details!

Check shop location on Google Map



    I’d like to get a carrier box fitted on my bike. Can someone contact me on 0724 531 413

  2. Paul

    I need some cool Carrier box for my Xt Yamaha to fit side by side by the rear tyre. Advice. 0736203030

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