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Major types of helmets in Kenya

Major types of helmets in Kenya and our stock



Type of Helmets and comparison

Helmets in Nairobi Shop


Type of Helmets and comparison

We have several types of helmets for motorbike riders, now we introduce 3 major types for riders in Kenya, and see what kind of features they have and how they can be compared.

①Full Face

Full face type is one of the most commonly-used types helmets in Kenya. This has the full coverage of your face and provides good wind protection.


・This type provides you very high safety level among the 3 types.

・This can give you comfort when driving at high speed because of the function to protect wind.


・Because of the coverage of all over the face, you feel hot when using it in the hot daytime.

・Prices are more expensive compared to other types.


Modular type is the derivative of full face helmets that have the function of availability to open chin guard. This means it can be convertible to both Full face type and (temporarily) Open face type.


・You can enjoy the same efficiency of wind protection as the full face type.

・You can wear or take off glasses, eat, drink while wearing helmet.


・Modular helmet is heavy compared to other types.

・Since chin guard in front is movable, it may be removed in case of accidents and your chin can be exposed and vulnerable.

③Open Face


・Prices are the cheapest among the three types.

・You can feel comfort while riding because of the openness of front part.


・Safety level provided is the lowest among the three types. (This type doesn’t have chin guard, so chin are always exposed.)


Helmets you get when you buy HONDA motorbike are as follows, the full face type.

You can also get 2 normal yellow helmets when you purchase our motorcycles, but we do recommend getting better one for much safer ride.


Helmets in Nairobi Shop

As we introduced, there are some pros and cons in every type of helmets. You are welcome to our shop to see, touch and compare helmets in our shop in Enterprise Road, Nairobi. We have Full face and Modular type in stock!

Kibo Helmets

We are now offering new Kibo helmets for every riders!

Kibo Helmets are more durable for accidental shocks, and have functions for more comfort while wearing them.


(A) 9169691ModularWhite / Kibo Blue4,350 Ksh
(B) TN-0700BFull FaceWhite8,700 Ksh


We can offer this type for more affordable price.


OPTIGEARFull FaceYellow1,500 Ksh

We do hope all Kenyan riders are well prepared for accidents and have a safe ride.

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