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For all 4 stroke motorcycles

Covers 4,000Km

  • Longer Oil Drain Interval
  • High Engine Protection
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Environmentally Friendly

Genuine 4 Stroke Motorcycle oil SJ/MA 10W-30

Compatible with all 4 stroke motorcycle brands


How to efficiently use Honda oil

On every oil drain interval use 800ml


Why is Honda motorcycle oil fuel efficient?

Lower viscosity can reduce internal engine friction. The viscosity of Honda motorcycle oil 10W – 30 is lower than that of other oils such an 20W – 50.


Dose lower viscosity oil cause metal wear more than higher viscosity oil?

No. Honda motorcycle engine is originally designed to best match with lower viscosity 10W- 30. Moreover Honda motorcycle oil contains anti-wear additives.


Why is Honda Motorcycle oil better for your Honda motorcycle than other motorcycle oils in the market?

Honda motorcycle oil is specially formulated for Honda 4 stroke motorcycle engine in maximum power an protection.


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